Suomen Majoituspalvelu Oy

Furnished aparments all over Finland

Suomen Majoituspalvelu (´Accommodation Service of Finland´) provides an easy and rapid solution to accommodate your company´s employees in Finland. Your company can obtain a homelike furnished apartment for work periods and projects from us, anywhere in Finland.

You may need an apartment for the time being, or the accommodation period may be agreed on for a period of time to be fixed in advance, for instance for the duration of a work project. The quality level of apartments and the number of pieces of furniture will be dimensioned to meet your needs, which means that you will not pay for anything unnecessary, only for the things that you really need!

A single contract - all the services

You can manage all the accommodation related matters and those you need by a single contract with Suomen Majoituspalvelu. If you desire it, we'll arrange wireless Internet connection, a laptop computer or a table device, non-recurring, weekly or monthly cleaning or a number of other supplementary services needed by your company for the apartment, to allow you to concentrate on your own business and its growth!

Cost-efficient co-operation partner

The apartments provided by Suomen Majoituspalvelu are priced according to the size, quality level and furniture as well as the selected supplementary services. Everything will be measured accurately to match your company's needs, which means that the final result will be a cost-efficient and easy solution. If we don't have available an apartment that you need, we will be able to arrange such one at an extremely rapid schedule. Basically, the apartments provided by Suomen Majoituspalvelu are fully furnished, with all the fixtures from dishware to television included.

Water and electricity charges and heating are naturally included in our competitive rates, which means that you won't have to take care of separate invoices or removal costs, which makes the budgeting of costs easy. Suomen Majoituspalvelu is a flexible and efficient co-operation partner who will solve all the accommodation related tasks for you!

We serve you by telephone +358 50 305 2007, by e-mail

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